Compliance Process for DCYA’s Childcare Funding Programmes


Pobal is contracted, on behalf of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA), to conduct compliance visits with each participating childcare service under the three DCYA national funding programmes:  

  1. Free Pre-School year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
  2. Training & Employment Childcare (TEC)
  3. Community Childcare Subvention (CCS)


For further information or a copy of the compliance checklist 2017-2018 please refer click on the following link Pobal Compliance Process for DCYA's National Childcare Funding Programmes






Early Years Inspectorate Tusla,

The Child and Family Agency was established on the 1st January 2014 and is now the dedicated State agency responsible for improving wellbeing and outcomes for children. The Early Years Inspectorate Team are now part of the Child and Family Agency and they have responsibility for inspecting pre-schools, play groups, nurserys, crèches, day-care and similar services which cater for children aged 0-6, under the existing Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006 which will be succeeded by the Child Care Regulations (the Child Care Act 1991) Early Years Services Regulations 2016 which the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs published on the 4th May 2016. These regulations will come into effect on a phased basis from the 30th June 2016.

For further information on the Early Years Inspectorate - click here

To view a copy of the Child Care Regulations (the Child Care Act 1991) Early Years Services Regulations 2016 click here  



Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills –

New Inspectorate Publication A Guide to Early-Years Education-focused Inspection (EYEI) in Early-Years Settings Participating in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme (2016) was published on 11 April 2016. The published Guide sets out the practices and procedures involved in the EYEI process which are effective from 11 April 2016. Early-years education-focused inspection (EYEI) evaluates the nature, range and appropriateness of the early educational experiences for children participating in the ECCE Programme. Early-years Education-focused Inspections are conducted by the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills.

See more at: Guide to Early Years Education - focused Inspections