Childminding Development Grant


The Department of Children & Youth Affairs through Pobal, provide an annual budget through the County Childcare Committees allocated for Childminding. Eligible Childminders may apply for a Childminding Development Grant up to a maximum of €1,000 (10% matching funding is required) see below for further details.


 To be eligible for a grant a childminder must;

  • Be providing an existing service or proposing a new service
  • Provides or proposes to provide (not including Childminders own children) for at least 3 children on a part-time basis or 1 child full-time
  • Have completed the Childminding Quality Awareness Programme
  • Must provide evidence of appropriate insurance
  • Must have Garda Clearance or be in the process of getting Garda Clearance
  • Provide matching funding of 10%
  • Currently in contact with or known to Leitrim County Childcare Committee
  • Must not have received Child Minding Development Grant in the last two years



All applications will be assessed according to the following:

  • Each item must add value to the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child. 
  • Priority will be given to the provision of health & safety equipment.
  • Following compliance with Health & Safety requirements Leitrim County Childcare will consider additional items for approval. 
  • Items such as furniture or household equipment will be measured in terms of their benefit to the children and to the host family.  For such items match funding may be required. 
  • An item will be considered for its effectiveness in supporting the child minder to provide a quality service and to measure if the child benefits directly from the item.     
  • Items that will not be funded include; trampoline, deep fat fryer and electronic games equipment. 


The following are examples of what can be covered by the grant:


Safety Costs:


·        Fire blanket

·        Smoke Alarms

·        Socket covers

·        Cupboard locks

·        First Aid Kit

·        Stair gates

·        Fireguard


Equipment or Toys:

  • Outdoor play and safety equipment
  • Indoor equipment
  • Appropriate toys for various age groups
  • Books


Conditions associated with the CMDG funding

·         No purchases should be made until grant approval notification is received from Leitrim CCC


·         The Childminder is required to produce itemised original receipts for eligible expenditure.


Childminding Development Grant Application Form 2017 (Pending funding will be available shortly)