Leitrim Childminding Network

Leitrim County Childminders Network is a voluntary group of Childminders (new childminders are always welcome) who are committed to supporting links between individuals providing childcare in their own home.

Our network will do this by:

  • Providing informal peer support network aim to facilitate the identification of needs within the sector and the County.
  • Giving childminders an opportunity to feed into and receive information on local and national childminding issues.
  • Giving childminders the opportunity to network, discuss issues and training in a self - sustaining peer support network that will be supported by Leitrim County Childcare Committee.
  • Providing input and suggestion to Leitrim County Childcare Committee in their formation of their plans / responses / actions around Childminding in County Leitrim.
  • Acting as a designated network by Leitrim County Childcare Committee that provides representation onto Leitrim County Childcare Committee and its sub groups as appropriate.

Role of Leitrim County Childcare Committee

  • Leitrim Childcare Committee will support the network by distributing relevant information to the Network.
  • Provide a platform for Childminders to bring their needs and concerns to a local and national level.
  • Support Childminders in providing quality childcare.
  • The Network meets approx 4 times a year.