Choosing a Childcare Service

Parents can refer to the Parent’s Guide to the Childcare (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006, Regulations 14 & 15 gives details of the information that parents are entitled to be given from services that are notified and inspected by the Tusla. Inspection Reports are now available on line on the TUSLA website,

Parents guide to the Childcare (Pre-school Services) Regulations 2006

Before you choose where you are going to place your child, whether it is with a creche, pre-school, after-school service or childminder, take time to check out various services and options.

  • Check references.
  • Inquire what curriculum the service implements and ALWAYS ask lots questions.
  • Your child’s welfare and happiness is paramount so listen to them and check their reaction. If you are happy with your choice of service, give your child a settling in period. Good communication is essential for a good childcare arrangement, therefore work in partnership with your chosen service.

Childcare Directory

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