National Childcare Funding Programmes for Parents

Attention Parents: There are a lot of developments happening within the Early Years sector during 2019 - changes have been highlighted in red. If you seek clarification on any matter on this page please feel free to contact Leitrim County Childcare Committee: Tel: 071 96 40870. 

If your query relates to the NEW National Childcare Scheme which is due to be launched in October 2019 the Department of Children and Youth Affairs have launched a National Childcare Scheme - Parent Support Centre (Opened June 2019).Open: Monday to Friday 9.00AM - 5.00PM Contact No. (01) 9068530.

Parents Notice from Department of Children & Youth Affairs (April 2019): School Aged Childcare

Childcare services for school-age children must now register with Tusla, the Child and Family Agency. School-age childcare services have not, to date, been subject to registration, so this is a significant step forward in ensuring quality school-age childcare.

Services must register their service if their primary purpose is to care for children where their parents are unavailable.

Services that provide childcare for school-age children only must apply for registration by 18 May 2019 and are encouraged to start this process straightaway. School-age services that are already registered with Tusla as pre-school services must apply for registration by 18 August 2019. New services must apply for registration at least 3 months before opening.

School-Age Childcare services that are registered will also be eligible to apply to participate in the forthcoming National Childcare Scheme.

What is the National Childcare Scheme? To be Launched October 2019!

The National Childcare Scheme is a pathway to truly accessible, affordable, quality childcare. From October 2019 it will replace all previous targeted childcare programmes (CCSP/TEC) with a single, streamlined and user-friendly Scheme to help parents meet the cost of quality childcare.

Supports are available for families with children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years who are attending any participating Tusla registered childcare service, including any Tusla registered childminder.

For further information relating to the National Childcare Scheme please visit


Free Pre-school Year(s) (ECCE) - Will continue as normal for the next contract year Sept 2019/June 2020

How do I claim the Free Pre-school Year(s)

Once your child is the correct age to avail of the programme you are automatically entitled to the programme. To check if your child is eligible please refer to the ECCE calculator on the home page.

Some pre-school services have waiting lists if you wish to avail of a specific pre-school service please book your child in well in advance as places are limited. Enrol your child in the childcare service (for a full list of childcare services participating in the free pre-school programme contact Leitrim County Childcare Committee.

  • The Childcare Manager/Leader will give you a form to complete which will ask for your PPS number & date of birth as well as your child(rens).
  • Complete the form and give it back to the Childcare Manager/Leader.
  • The service provider will register your child with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).

To view the latest update click on the link: DCYA ECCE - Free pre-school year

Community Childcare Subvention Programme (CCS) (Important Notice: This funding programme will no longer be available to parents after August 2019) - Parents that were previously registered on CCS can register on CCSP in September 2019 see note below.

The Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme is targeted to help children from low-income households access quality early education and childcare services. The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) pays for a portion of the childcare costs for eligible children, with the parent paying the remainder.

CCS is only available through participating community not-for-profit childcare services. The service provider submits an application for CCS on behalf of the parent to the DCYA. The DCYA makes checks and confirms whether or not the child can benefit from subvention that will reduce the cost of the early education and childcare service. Parents who believe they might qualify should contact their local participating childcare service. Further information and advice on the process of getting support through the CCS Programme is available from Leitrim County Childcare Committee (CCC).

For further information on the subvention rates available and to view the eligibility criteria click on the following link.

Eligibility Table for CCS

Community Childcare Subvention Plus (CCSP) - (PLEASE NOTE ***This funding programme will only be available to Parents for the transistional year September 2019/August 2020. Only Parents registered on CCSP proir to the 11th October 2019 can choose to remain on CCSP for the Sept 2019-August 2020 programme year if they prefer.

The Community Childcare Subvention Plus (CCSP) Programme provides support for parents on a low income to avail of reduced childcare costs at participating privately owned childcare services and at community not-for-profit childcare services.

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs pays a portion of the childcare costs for eligible children, with the parent paying the remainder. The eligibility of the parent is determined by their status with the Department of Social Protection and is set out on the table provided in this link Eligibility Table for CCSP.  Interested parents should contact their local participating childcare service in the first instance.

Am I eligible for the CCSP Programme? A child must be under 15 years of age to be eligible for CCSP, that is, the child must be born on or after 1 September 2002 to be eligible. CCSP subvention is available for up to 52 weeks of the programme year.

If you are a parent/guardian who:

• holds a medical card or GP visit card (for Children Over 6);

• is on low income;

• is in school;

• in further education;

• job training;

• or in receipt of a social welfare payment

Then you may be eligible for assistance with your childcare costs.

PLEASE NOTE THE TARGETED FUNDING PROGRAMMES WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE AFTER THE 11th OCTOBER 2019 - Families with special circumstances from the 11th October will be able to access childcare support through a relevant sponsor agent, further details will be available on the National Childcare Scheme website please visit

Community Childcare Subvention Resettlement (CCSR)

CCSR is intended to support the Programme Refugees (PRs) in their resettlement and integration into Irish society. It enables parents to attend a language and orientation course within their reception centre for eight weeks and then a full year following their move into the community.

Am I eligible for CCSR?

Participating pre-school going children must be between 0 and 5 years old on their start date.

School-aged children (between 6 and 12 years) can access childcare for the primary school holiday periods only.


How do I apply for CCSR? Parent/s must supply a completed eligibility letter submitted and signed by the Department of Justice and Equality. Please contact Leitrim CCC on  071 96 40870 for further details.


Type of Places under the CCSR Programme: Part-time places (between 3hrs 31mins and 5hrs) are provided under the CCSR programme.

Community Childcare Subvention Resettlement (Transitional) (CCSR(T))

CCSR(T) CCSR(T)provides access to free childcare for children of families experiencing homelessness. The provision provides subvention for all pre-school children, including those of ECCE eligible age range aged 0 to 5 inclusive. The scheme is also designed to help those transitioning from homelessness to permanent accommodation.

CCSR(T) is only available through participating early years services; a list of these services is available through Leitrim CCC.

Eligibility for CCSR(T) : Participating pre-school going children must be between 0 – 5yrs on their start date.

How do I apply for CCSR(T)?

  • A verification letter from Focus Ireland (Dublin area only) or from your local authority required.

  • In order to confirm eligibility, both the Parent’s and Child’s Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) are required, as well as the child’s date of birth.

Training & Employment Childcare (TEC) Programmes

The objective of the TEC Programmes is to support parents on eligible training courses and eligible categories of parents returning to work, by providing subsidised childcare places.

The Training and Employment Childcare Programmes (TEC) are administered by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA) on behalf of the Education & Training Boards (ETB)/Solas and the Department of Social Protection (DSP).

TEC comprises 3 Strands, as follows:

  •  Childcare Education and Training Support Programme (CETS)

The Childcare Education and Training Support Programme (CETS) provides childcare for children of eligible parents taking part in ETB/Solas (formerly VEC/Fás) training courses.

  •  After School Childcare Programme (ASCC)

The After School Childcare Programme provides afterschool care for primary school children for eligible working parents and parents on DSP employment programmes (not incl. Community Employment) – parents are informed by their Local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Office that they are eligible for ASCC places.

  •  Community Employment Childcare Programme (CEC)

The Community Employment Childcare Programme (CEC) provides childcare for children of eligible parents taking part in Community Employment schemes.

The allocation of places under the programme is managed locally by the City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs).

To find out if your child is eligible for TEC please contact Leitrim County Childcare Committee 071 96 40870.

  To view the latest update click on the link: DCYA Training & Education Childcare (TEC)


A Parent’s Guide to the National Childcare Funding Programmes 2018 is available to download. 

Or Visit for further details of the measures available from September 2018.